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Welcome To Stoked Longboards, the largest longboarding shop and resource center in the UK

Why longboarding ?

lush longboards Whether you want to bomb down big mountain roads, carve up roads, cruse the streets or go on a beer run, a longboard is the way forward.

Longboarding means different things to different people, its a great cross over sport from snowboarding, skating, crusing and its just fun to ride and be alive. Longboarding is not about ollies and kickflips; the only real trick involved in longboarding is being able to enjoy riding no matter what your ability is or what the conditions are like.

Longboarding is not about trying to be something you're not - it's about being who you are.

longboards Longboarding is not about sponsorships, contracts or stopwatches; your sponsor is the road, and the only contract you sign is with yourself.

It's about simplicity. Longboarding transforms a trip to the grocery store from a monotonous annoyance into an adventure.

It's about remembering that there's more to life than money and schedules as you feel gravity locking your feet into the board on a tight carve. It's about having more fun walking up the hill with friends than carving down by yourself.

longboards Longboarding is more than a fancy piece of wood with wheels on it; it's an attitude. It's about enjoying a ride on broken pavement 400 miles from the nearest ocean just as much as a perfect barrel ride in ten foot surf. Don't just ride; enjoy the ride.

Stoked Longboards has taken all the top longboarding manufacturers in the UK and brought them all together for your pleasure, if your a seasoned boarder you will find all your needs here, beginners will find their perfect starter board.

Dont hesitate to contact us if you have any longboarding questions !

Enjoy your ride and our longboarding site.

The Stoked Longboards team.
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